Friday, August 13, 2004

How about a People Release rather than a Press Release?

Nothing whatsoever to do with Almost David Lepper, The Real David Lepper himself posts four new press releases covering More Funding for AIDS fight , An open letter to the Prime Minister and Chancellor , Welcome for £5.5million boost for GP surgeries , MP takes pride in Pride festival .

On Aug Almost David Lepper asked: So what does your MP have to say about this? And what part is he playing in Pride this year? Good question. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find an answer. I'm sure he's in there somewhere, probably riding a float in tiny silver shorts and handing out prizes at a post party hoe down. But if he is, it's a mystery to me.

The Real David Lepper says:
‘Pride is just simply the best event of its kind in the country and means a great day out for everyone.
‘It’s a highlight of the year for so many and that’s why it attracted more than 90,000 last year. Each year it attracts more interest from the business community and it’s right that the city council and local companies should support it. In 2003 Pride raised almost £17,000 for the local lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender community.‘

That's real good to hear. Now, this site is not about David Lepper's view's on anything. It's about how to communicate (hear that, David, communicate) with we, the people, in a way that is meaningful to us.
This site welcomes the press releases. But think on this: Press Releases are for the Press. The Press generally won't print them, because, face it, they aren't exactly new news.
We, the people, don't generally read Press Releases in the raw. And often we don't read them at all.
So how about some People Releases? That's what a blog is: a People Release. Try it, it's great.


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