Monday, August 30, 2004

Green party target David Lepper's seat

Looks like David Lepper is the numero uno target of the Green Party for the next election. I guess this is because of Brighton's half-deserved reputation as a bastion of greenness.
'The party's number one target is Brighton Pavillion, currently held by Labour's David Lepper.'

I guess Is David Lepper hasn't been too slouchy on this subject, issuing three press releases on green issues in July alone: energy efficiency ‘I’m glad our efforts have paid off,’ he says. ‘The chancellor’s spending review means an extra £95 million provided per year by 2007-8 compared with 2004-5, for improving the energy efficiency of homes under the Warm Front scheme.’ ; wildlife jewels 'A report from the House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee has welcomed the government’s ambitious targets to ensure that 95% of England’s most valuable wildlife and geological sites are in favourable condition by 2010 but warned that government must ensure the funding is provided to meet the target. The inquiry was chaired by Brighton Pavilion Labour and Co-operative MP David Lepper whose Wildlife Bill in 1998 paved the way for the increased protection given by the Countryside and Rights of Way Act.'; and renewable energy 'Welcoming visitors to an event to spotlight renewable energy on Brighton’s Level open space today David Lepper MP said being a non-driver was one way in which he helped to combat climate change. David Lepper was speaking at the third “Brighton Sunny Day” event organised by Brighton Solar Projects and backed by Brighton and Hove City Council and Friends of the Earth.'

Whether this will be enough come the election remains to be seen, but Is David Lepper obviously has an interest in and an eye on this subject.


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