Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Dear Constituents of Brighton Pavilion,
Although I am NOT David Lepper, I decided to start this blog after reading 'Why Politicians Need Weblogs'.
People had been asking, who the hell is David Lepper, MP, and what does he do all day every day. Well, he has a perfectly acceptable website, run for him by the nice people at They keep it nicely updated every month or so, and they put all the important stuff on it, like where I went to school and what bills I voted on last.
But I think there is more to this interweb stuff than that. I mean, what are my views on the Pier that fell into the sea? Fat Boy Slim's beach party? Fatboy Prescott's handling of our new football stadium? Or the fact that the Guardian seems to think that Brighton is the only photogenic seaside destination in the country?
These are pressing issues, alongside reform of the residential leasehold laws and a national park on the south downs.Put simply, a weblog is an online diary. I want to show the people who vote for me how hard I'm working, and attract the majority of those interested in issues I care about.
I may even learn an important thing or two from you in the process.
It's wonderfully organic, and it works. And I need it.
The next election is closer than I think.
Watch this space.
(Almost) David Lepper, MP


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