Monday, August 09, 2004

Brighton Pride, David Lepper salutes you

Well, that's another glorious crazy Pride festival, with the most amazing hot sunny weather to boot. I spent a glorious afternoon meeting and greeting (and getting down to some banging tunes) in Preston Park. The top of my head was burnt to a cinder by the end of the day, but it was worth it. I'm sure some of you burnt even more of yourselves, a lot of flesh was exposed! Well done to everyone involved.

Pride In Brighton & Hove is a non-profit members' organisation serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community of Brighton and Hove.
It brings the LGBT community together throughout the year and runs the UK’s biggest and best free festival of its kind in the country.
Voted the best Pride in 2003 by Gay Times and Boyz magazines it hosts a week of community events every August culminating in a carnival parade through the city by the sea and a busy festival in Preston Park.
2003 saw more than 60 floats and walking tableaux on the parade and 90,000 people in Preston Park. Success breeds success and we fully expect a similar turn out this year.
Pride in Brighton & Hove continues its commitment to the local community and 2003 raised more than £16,000 by volunteer street collections for our grant scheme for the LGBT voluntary sector.
Pride in Brighton & Hove runs a number of exciting events to help fund the organisation, the festival and the grant fund for the local LGBT voluntary sector as well as bringing a wide range of people together who otherwise might not have such social access. Plans for this year include the Stonewall / Pride Fundraiser at Wild Fruit and Day at the Dogs in May, Day at the Races in June and the hugely popular Dog Show in July. Local businesses including bars and clubs support Pride with their own events, including quizzes and cabarets. We hope you will support this fundraising effort to help ensure we can continue to deliver a FREE Pride Festival for the LGBT community


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