Friday, August 06, 2004

Brighton MPs and their web sites

There are three Brighton Labour MPs: David Lepper, Ivor Caplin and Des Turner. They are all listed at this Brighton Labour Party page. Of the three, only Lepper has no email. Curiouser and curiouser, the other two list email addresses, which can only be provided en-masse by, um, parliament itself. So why doesn't Lepper avail himself of this facility? Does he have no computer with which to read the stuff?
Ivor Caplin takes the top prize by having his own website with his very own domain name: While I take my hat off to Caplin, I have to point out to him tha the won't be able to use his own website during the next election, because he won't actually be an MP at the time, just a candidate. I have emailed him and asked him about this.
Interestingly, Caplin's website states: This website is funded by the House of Commons Incidental Expenses Provision provided in order to inform constituents about the work of an MP and to provide contact details for that MP.
While it is true that David Lepper, MP, has a 'website', it is provided by a strange outfit called ePolitix. It's not very interesting and it's not what you'd call interactive, and I guess David never got within a mile of it. I will ask him why he doesn't spend some of his Incidental Expenses Provision on a nice new (up to date) website and blog.


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